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5 Generations of devotion. Our pioneering founder and my great, great Grandfather, Thomas Hardy, had a vision to create wines that will be prized in the markets of the world He made this vision a reality with the bottling of his first vintage in 1857. Ever since then, five generations of the Hardy family have been devoted to keeping his passion and his pioneering spirit alive. Over 160 years later this heritage is what still drives us to push not only ourselves, but also the boundaries of winemaking and to create wines for you to enjoy today.

Whiskers Blake was a roguish man who worked in Hardys Tintara vineyard around the turn of the last century. His job was to scare birds from the grapes with an old 8 gauge shotgun however he also took it upon himself to regularly test the products. Whiskers Blake Classic Tawny was especially selected from premium aged tawny. All components were matured in small oak casks for an average of 8 years. The wines were blended to attain the classic characters and qualities of an outstanding Classic Tawny.

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