2017 Eponymous Proprietary White

White Wine from Sonoma Valley, United States



This wine’s aromas offer nuances of white nectarine, orange blossom and lychee with pleasant intensity and complexity. Flavors of almond and lemon cream follow, with hints of vanilla and coconut. The body and mouth feel are enhanced by sur lies aging process, which creates the long enjoyable finish.

Vintage: 2017
Wine Style: White Wine
Varietal: White Blend
Appellation: Sonoma Valley
Winemaker: Eponymous


Following the sale of his family’s renowned winery in 1994, Robert Pepi no longer could use his name on a wine label. Therefore, the first wine he has made for himself since the sale reflects explains the predicament and reminds us that “wine should be fun”. Eponymous is "one for whom or which something is or is believed to be named".  Bob Pepi has given it his own playful definition, “a play on words by one who is unable to use his family name on his own bottle of wine”.

Wine Profile

Acidity: 6.03 g/l
Sugar: N/A
PH: 3.37
Alcohol content: 13.8

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