Vino Dei Fratelli

2019 Vino Dei Fratelli Montepulciano D'Abruzzo

Red Wine from Montepulciano, Italy



The color is intensely red with a violet hue. Bursting with red fruit flavors on the nose, including blackberry and cherry. Fresh on the palate with notes of raspberry, blueberry and cherry.

Vintage: 2019
Wine Style: Red Wine
Varietal: Montepulciano
Appellation: Montepulciano
Winemaker: Vino Dei Fratelli


Our label shows an ancient Roman coin struck in 46 BC depicting two of the most famous FRATELLI (brothers) in the Roman religion.  Castor and Pollux fell in love with beautiful sisters who were already betrothed. The brothers challenged their rivals, but Castor was mortally wounded. Zeus placed both their immortal souls in the sky as symbols of brotherly love – today’s constellation Gemini.

Wine Profile

Acidity: 3.2-3.6 g/l
Sugar: 3-6 g/l
PH: 4.6-6.3
Alcohol content: 12.5

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