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Bodegas Bianchi

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    Bodegas Bianchis is known for their exquisite Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon, and dynamic red blends. Founded in 1928 and nestled in the vine-rich territories of Uco Valley and San Rafael, this family-owned, Mendoza winery takes you on a journey through Argentina's rich viticultural heritage.

    Elevation, Tradition, and Elegance in Uco Valley
    In the high valleys of Uco's Los Chacayes, your senses will be awakened by wines born from vineyards perched 2700 – 3900 ft above sea level. The mineral-rich, rocky soils and pure Andean air give depth and complexity to these organic wines, capturing the essence of Argentine grandeur in every bottle.

    Structure and Complexity in San Rafael
    Bodegas Bianchi puts you at the heart of Argentine wine tradition in San Rafael—one of only two esteemed DOCs. Warmer temperatures, sandy soils, and funneling of cool Andean breezes contribute to creating wines with unmatched structure and complexity.

    Energy-Efficient Practices
    With water management and energy-efficient practices, under the guidance of chief winemaker Silvio Alberto, enjoy world-class wines and be part of a sustainable future.

    20 products