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Tropical Moscato

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    Tropical Moscato - A Sip of Paradise

    Tropical Moscato combines the lushness of the tropics with the elegance of Italy's finest sparkling wine. Revel in a blend that celebrates natural indulgence without added complexities—only the delight of pure, real fruit and Italian Moscato. 

    Tropical MoscatoIt's not just a drink; it's a lush, flavorful journey with every glass!

    Key Delights of Tropical Moscato:
    Authentic Italian Moscato: Sourced from Piedmont, Italy, renowned for exceptional sparkling wines.

    • Real Fruit Infusion: Every bottle bursts with 100% real fruit, including exotic passion fruit, mango, peaches, and citrus, adding natural sweetness and vibrant flavors.
    • No Artificial Ingredients: Committed to purity, Tropical Moscato contains no artificial ingredients or added sugar, delivering a genuine fruit experience.
    • Low Alcohol: Only 5.5% alcohol per serving!
    • Tropical Lux Mango and Passion Fruit Moscato: Our premium low-calorie moscato is only 90 calories per serving!
    16 products