2022 Brigid Sauvignon Blanc

2022 Brigid Sauvignon Blanc

2022 Brigid Sauvignon Blanc


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The nose leaps from the glass with notes of sweet pepper, passionfruit and fresh herbs. The palate is full and satisfying. The finish is true to the Marlborough signature – crisp, refreshing and tropical.

Wine Searcher: Featured in the article Doctored Leaves the Key to Low Alcohol Wines.

"Aromas of fresh herbs, passion fruit, lime and white stone leap from the glass. On the palate, it's restrained, with the mouthfeel of a French Sauvignon Blanc and just a touch of the fresh herb Marlborough is famous for. Instead, it's mostly citrus with a hint of passion fruit. If you are a fan of Marlborough SB it might be a little quiet for you, but I can imagine a lot of sommeliers adding this to their lists. Very quaffable and just 9.5 percent alcohol."

The Forrest family practically put Marlborough on the map as a wine region. They were one of the first families to plant vineyards back in 1988, and they have continued to earn their esteemed reputation. John and Brigid Forrest, two doctors, are behind the label. It might be their chosen professions as physicians, whose hands are highly prized, that lend a deft touch to stellar winemaking. They oversee 321 acres of vines in the Wairau Valley of Marlborough, managing two of the vineyards while owning seven. Forrest is certified sustainable and vegan friendly.

New Zealand is known for its screwcap closures, and John led the charge, as well as the push to make lighter-alcohol wines. The Forrest family is all about zigging while others zag. That explains why John won the New Zealand “Winemaker of the Year” award by Wine State in 2007, for his enological and viticultural research and experimentation. In 2019, Wine Marlborough bestowed the honor of “Winery of the Year” to Forrest, publicly acknowledging Forrest’s hard work and innovation.

Beth Forrest, John and Brigid’s daughter, graduated from Adelaide University with a master's degree in Oenology and officially joined Forrest in 2015. As general manager and winemaker, she brings a wealth of knowledge, vibrancy and an infectious passion for winemaking. She, along with her parents, continue to innovate and push the needle with wine. Beth is also a leader in her own right, as the first Chairwoman of the Marlborough Wine-Grower’s Association and is involved with several other New Zealand wine industry groups.

Acidity: 8.4 g/l
Sugar: 5.04
PH: 3.31
Alcohol content: 9.5

Vintage: 2022

Style: White Wine

Varietal: Sauvignon Blanc

Appellation: Marlborough

Winemaker: Forrest

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