Mack's Original Ginger


Renowned for its strong focus on crafting fortified styles, McWilliam’s has consistently produced award-winning wines that showcase superior quality, impressive depth, and full flavor expression.

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Ginger Wine is a delightful product that is gaining in popularity in the United States. Renowned for its bold and distinctive ginger essence, Mack's Original Ginger offers a harmonious blend of sweetness and spice that captivates the senses.

Enjoy it solo, or elevate with a splash of club soda and a hint of lime. Mack’s Original Ginger transforms into a mixologist’s dream, creating enticing cocktails with whiskey, scotch, or rum. Delight beyond the glass, as it becomes a culinary companion, enhancing the flavors of your cooking and baking adventures.

Mack's Original Ginger


Mixologists use ginger wine in cocktails to add a spicy kick and a hint of sweetness. Mack’s Original Ginger can elevate classic cocktails such as the Manhattan. To craft a Ginger Manhattan, replace sweet vermouth with Mack’s Original Ginger. It complements the rye whiskey and bitters.

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Mack's Original Ginger

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